The Electrical Storm

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The Electrical Storm is a poem about a young boy. who learns about the significance of education and the ability to think for himself. When he was small people told him that the loud thunder he heard at night was God, when ever he was upset at the world and the people who did deceitful things.

This is reality, I can remember when I was young child, I also thought that the thunder was a bad weather. I also took it as a sign from God, telling me I have done something wrong. Later in life I learned that the thunder is caused by the earth and temperature. The poem also says thing happen for a reason, because of this there is no reason to be upset when thing dot go your way. In the poem it states, when the neighbors warned them from the door, God made it that no one would be harm by the storm.

This is a prime example of how the lord work. Everything happens for a reason if you don't get what you ask God for right then, wait, be patient, and keep your faith. The Lord may not come when you want him, but trust me he will be there on time.