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Ellen Foster

In the book Ellen Foster, Kaye Gibbons gives Ellen a very interesting character. Ellen is a very humorous little girl who, even though she is suffering from abuse and poverty, is determined to live her life to the fullest. Throughout this inspirational book, Ellen encounters many obstacles and problems. Even though she is only eight years old, she is forced to figure things out for herself and to take care of herself. The most important lesson Ellen learns is that the true test of character is not just to endure hardships, but to have a positive and cheerful outlook for the future.

Ellen's experiences make her much older than her years. Forced to care for herself and her family, she finds the strength to cope in very difficult times. "By the time the dog races come on he's stretched out on the bathroom floor and can't get up.

I know I need to go in there and poke him." She understands he is not going to change for anyone. She helps her father off the floor when he has passed out. Ellen does not feel bad for her him. She wishes he would die. This strong little girl does not let the abuse and drinking affect her. Her life is already horrible and she is not about to let anything else make it worse than it already is. Ellen always hopes for the best but unfortunately, she always seems faced with the worst. Her strong soul helps her cope with a miserable life.

Within her miserable life, there is a bright spot, her mother. Ellen's mother is the only good thing in her life and when her mom overdoses on pills, she tries to help her, but her father overpowers her. "Vomit them up, mama. I'll stick...