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Emily Dickinson was born on December 10 1830. She lived in a lower middle class family and has an older brother (Austin) and sister (Vinnie). Emily always followed her heart even if her father told

her it was wrong. Emily would always go for walks in the forest by her house and would enjoy her talks with 'angles'. At age nine, Emily started school at Amherst Academy. She studied Latin, geology, botany, and philosophy. Emily often thought about death and God. Nevertheless, she always wanted to be the one to decide her own fate.

When Emily was sixteen, she was scent to an all girl's school, Mount Holyoke. Emily was often very home sick, because of this and other sicknesses she was sent home. She found that she had a passion for baking, and gardening.

Then something sad happened. Emily fell in love with the wrong man. Charles Wadsworth, who already had a wife; he could only be Emily's friend.

This helped to give Emily the skills to write poetry. One poem, "I'm nobody, who are you?" is probably her most famous poems. After awhile Emily sent some of her poems to Thomas Higginson. He did not think most people would like her poems. They were too different. Soon Emily decided that only her family and friends

read them while she was alive. In just one year, she wrote 366 poems! By the end of her life, she had written 1,775 poems. Though only seven were published during her lifetime. Emily worked so hard at her poems that her eyes began to hurt. She had to go to Boston for eye treatment.

On May 15, 1886, Emily Dickinson died. Emily Dickinson was not gone yet though. In fact, she had just begun. As a funeral gift, Vinnie took some...