[ENGLISH] Science Fiction Story PART 4

Essay by ruskipaul June 2004

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'You are nearing the spaceship 'Bascal'. Please report immediately!' The computer crackled to life, jerking me awake from my peaceful slumber. I rubbed my eyes and sat up. Charlie was near her computer, head on her arms, fast asleep.

"Computer, send a message to 'Bascal'. We want to dock immediately!" I ordered standing up.

'Now sending message' answered the computer.

"Hey, Charlie!" I murmured gently, "Wake up!"

Charlie stirred in her seat.

"Whada ya want?" she yawned sleepily, looking up at me.

"We're here!" I said excitedly, clapping my hands.

"Oh, Great!" said Charlie sarcastically sitting up and stretching.

"Man, Girl!" I joked "You have one heck of an attitude problem!"

Charlie shot me a withering glance "Shut up Connor!"

I laughed and turned back to the computer.

'Receiving permission to dock' reported the computer, 'Standby for the opening of the pressure switch'

An audible hiss was heard as the switch opened, allowing the Valkyrie flyer to connect with the 'Bascal'

I turned the flyer off autopilot and then steered the flyer to the other ship.

Once safely connected I turned off the engine and allowed the overhead exit switch to open.

I stood up, beckoned to Charlie to follow me as I climbed up a ladder to get out of the exit switch.

Once we were safely on the ship, we were escorted to the main deck by robotic personnel, to speak with Captain. We walked through the corridors and finally came to a door, which slid open soundlessly as we walked in.

I looked at Charlie. She raised her eyebrows at me. I smiled and kept on walking briskly. We came into a room. Inside the room was a long table with hover chairs. Seated at the head of the table I assumed was the Captain. I came...