Enter without so much as knocking.

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Daniel Turrisi


How effectively has Dawe in the poem, 'Enter without so much as knocking' used techniques to challenge our thinking about the concepts explored in the AOS Journeys?

Journeys challenge the mind of humans in attempt of increasing our understanding of the world and what occurs around us. Bruce Dawe's poem 'Enter without so much as knocking' effectively challenges our thinking of Journeys. Through structural and language feature the poem can more effectively challenge the audience.

Bruce Dawe effectively is able to challenge our thinking through structural features such as enjambment. Enjambment is seen through lines such as "First thing he heard was/Bobby Dazzler on Channel 7," (Stanza 1) and "like every other godless/money-hungry back-stabbing miserable/so-and-so." (Stanza 5) Through the use of enjambment rhythm is created and the sentences flow-on from line to line and continue momentum. This rhythm can be unpredictable and symbolises the poem.

The idea of enjambment challenges our view of journeys further and shows how they can be very unpredictable with many sudden and unexpected occurrences.

Through the use of clichés, Dawe is effectively able to challenge our concepts of journeys. Clichés are used in the third stanza by using common commands such as "Turn Left" and "No Parking". Through this the idea of the social pressures to conform are made clear to the audience. However, through the use of the command "No breathing except by order" it is made apparent the extent to what we are restricted to do, suggesting that we are always being monitored and are being controlled by the rule makers. The line "winding the whole show up" suggests that the persona's life had been a television show all along and it had come to an end. Through the use of cliché the audience are...