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One day during English class, I was sitting in my seat when I identified a sequence of problems in Mrs. Honke's procedures. The first procedure I realized was wrong was that she let us go to the bathroom after we had already put our books down. Then, a new boy persuaded Mrs. Honke to give us 20 extra bonus points if we studied. After determining a conclusion, I figured out that Mrs. Honke was really happy, for some reason. But, I had a strange feeling that there would be no guarantee that she would be this pleased with us on Friday.

After school was over that day, I went home. Then, I realized that Mrs. Honke had said nothing about the test that was worth 30% of our grade. After Tommy called me, I quickly compared what my agenda book said with what Tommy had told me over the phone.

When I realized that the test was on Friday, I quickly called Tommy back and told him to call half the class and tell them to study, while I called the other half. After observing my notes, I then was ready for the big test. When we went into Mrs. Honke's class on Friday, I told Tommy to look at how Mrs. Honke's actions today contrasted with those of last class period. After the big test, we evaluated each other's papers. Then, analyzing Mrs. Honke's actions, I figured out she was trying to get us to be more independent workers. Our next assignment from Mrs. Honke was a variation of one we had had before.