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Anyone that has said writing an essay is easy is dead wrong. i know i definitely have problems with essays from time to time. there are many reasons why essays can be so hard to write. i can name three main problems i face when writing.

my first problem is having a writers' block. my block comes from being tough on myself. just thinking about what to write brings me problems. i always try to write on a good topic that no one else would write about. after picking a topic i still have trouble deciding what to write that would go with my topic.

finding the time to sit and think what to write is hard. i have two part time jobs and i am a full time student in college. after work i eat dinner then rush off to school. doing these things can be physically draining at times.

the only time i have to write is when i should be sleeping.

having distractions makes writing essays hard. distractions usually come when i least expect them. i know i have control over most distractions, but i still let them get in my way like t.v. for example. some shows are just too good to miss and while watching i lose track of time. other distractions like phone calls or friends visiting add to my problems.

writing an essay is no doubt hard for someone who has the same problems as i do. certain things like having to work we don't have much control over. other things like phone calls or other minor distractions we can control. in short my problems for having a hard time writing essays is my own fault. if i stop letting those minor distractions get in my way writing would come easier to me.