A essay to study the text 'An Inspector Calls' by J. B. Priestly

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'An Inspector Calls' Coursework

'An Inspector Calls' by J. B. Priestly is set in Britain in 1912 when the British Empire was at it's peak. Britain was on the brink of World War one, then called the Great War.

The titanic was about to be launched which was supposed to be, as Birling said "unsinkable".

The Russian revolution was only five years away. This removed the Russian monarchy and brought about communism. The communists believe in the equal distribution of wealth and resources. This is the opposite of what Birling wanted and was.

There was no National Health Service (NHS) to help people who couldn't afford health care (Eva Smith). There was no cheap or free housing from the local authority which would also help people who were a low point in their lives, (also Eva Smith). There were no benefits for poor people or people who couldn't work.

There were only charities like the one Mrs Birling chaired.

In this essay I'm going to look at two main characters from the Birling household and the inspector. I'm going to look at them before they meet the inspector and after they meet him. I'm going to explore the world in which the characters in the play are presented and the social context in which they are set.

Arthur Birling is the head of the Birling household. He is a successful businessman. He is been active in local politics and he has had the honour of being the Lord Mayor of Brumley and he is a local magistrate.

Birling likes to be in control. He comes from a working class background and has built up his fortune by paying no more and no less than the going rate of pay for his workers and working to have...