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Dear Bozeman Icedogs: We represent the Wolf Pack, a traveling in-line hockey team based in Arkansas. The Wolf Pack plays tournaments all over the southeastern United States. The Wolf Pack is an extremely dedicated team of 15 players, including two goalies, all under the age of 16.

Since 1999, the Wolf Pack has played in three NHL Breakout Tournaments, as well as numerous other in-line tournaments throughout the Southeast. The core members of the Wolf Pack team have been together for about three years, playing in the 14 and under division. In January of 2002, the team will move up a division and play tournaments either as a "under 16"� team or "under 17"� team, depending on the tournament. At this point, the Wolf Pack is scheduled to play in tournaments in several southeastern states next year and will include national tournaments in 2003. The team has also played a division up in local recreational leagues, while four of the team members also play high school ice hockey.

Hockey is a relatively new sport in Arkansas. The support for the youth hockey teams is growing, but currently the teams do not enjoy the same in-kind or financial backing that other sports have. The Wolf Pack team wears uniforms that are seven years old and are quite literally worn out. It's time for the team to get new uniforms and that's where we are asking for a little support from the Icedogs.

We think the Icedogs logo is one of the coolest we've seen and matches well with the Wolf Pack's name and spirit. The team would love to adopt the Bozeman Icedogs logo as their own. There are four varying levels of support that the Icedogs could provide to help the Wolf Pack team grow: donate home and/or...