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Superior Chinese mothers raise superior Chinese children

Amy Chua is the author of "Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior". In the article she describes the differences in Chinese parenting versus American parenting. In the article Chua, only expects the best from their children. She refers to Chinese mothers as being the best and states that anything less than the best is not good enough. Whereas the American way of raising children is much more lenient and conservative. Chinese mothers spend many hours of extra work after school hours with their children. All Chinese children are expected to receive top grades in school rather than just getting by. According to Chua the Chinese culture believes children owe their parents for years of hard work and great parenting. If the children are not performing to the parents expectations, they do not blame the teachers, but rather they blame the child for being lazy.

Chinese parents teach that to be good at something, you must practice. Rather than encouraging children to do better like the westerners would do the Chinese belittle and degrade their children to make them work harder to accomplish goals. If a child is obese the Chinese parent will be direct and tell the child that he/she is fat and needs to loose weight. She describes Chinese parents as just as loving and caring as the Westerners, but shows this in a different manner from the Western parents. Western parents teach that doing their best is just as good as making an A, and are less likely to be verbally strict on their children. The Chinese method of using strict discipline will raise "successful children". Chua believes that "nothing is fun until you're good at it." In contrast to most westerners from her understanding, children on their own never have the...