Fairy Tale: The Princess That Never Laughs. Analysis included

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Once upon a time there was a magnificent kingdom, and in the tall tower there lived the most beautiful princess. She was living in splendor and riches. She had everything, everything her heart could wish for, but she never smiled, never laughed, it seemed nothing could please her.

It was extremely sad for her father, the king, to look at his sorrowful daughter. He invited the entire kingdom to his palace .

"Let them liven the princess that never laughs, and who does it, can marry her", he said.

And as soon as he said that, every prince from every kingdom came to try his best. From every part of the world, princes and kings, noblemen and ordinary men came for a feast and to make the princess laugh, but she still did not even show a smile.

On the other side of the country, in his own corner, there was an honest workman.

In the mornings, he cleaned the courtyard, in the evenings, he fed the herd, with not even one minute to rest. His master, a rich and truthful man, paid him. As soon as the year was over, he put a bag of gold on the table in front of him and said:

"Take as much as you wish!" and then he stepped out of the house.

The workman came next to a table and thought: "I don't want to fall from grace in front of God, and don't want to take too much." So he took only one gold coin and clutched it in his hand. Suddenly he felt really thirsty, so he bent over a well, and dropped the gold coin by mistake and it sank to the bottom.

And the poor workman was left with nothing. Another man would've grieved, but he didn't.