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Addon Teye-Botchway


English III Honors


Monday December 9th, 2013

The American Culture- and America's Future

The popularity of fast food in America is based upon the people of America and their everyday needs. It's sad to say that 'America runs on Dunkin', because sadly, in a few years Americans won't be able to run. I strongly disagree with the fact that Americans approves that they run on a bakery that is destined to kill them or at least give some sort of health issue linked with obesity. Personally, I think many factors contribute the reason why American's buy dunkin donuts or fast food in general, but the main cause is because American's have this 'need for speed'. For example, let's take a daily commuter. This person has 10 minutes of space to get a meal in before their long journey to work. Now, are they going to create their own homemade breakfast and waste 30 minutes, or get a quick bite at dunkin donut's for a quarter of the price and time of a homemade breakfast? Easy decision right? This goes for all the meals of the day.

That's why you see chains like Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds thriving. It's really not the taste of the food at these places that make them an American icon, it's just how fast they give you what you want and what it's going to do for your stomach. This is the main reason why America's waistline is constantly expanding, because nobody cares what the food is, they just want something fast and food that will keep them happy for the time being.

Let's return to talking about the different reasons for why fast food is so iconic in America. As I said before, America's need for speed plays the biggest...