Fictional Victorian Female (creative writing - 19th Century)

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Victoria, currently at the tender age of 16, was born in the small town of Yorkshire on April 21st 1868. She was born into a typical middle class Christian family, with two loving parents, three sisters, and a younger brother. Her eldest sister, Elizabeth, is engaged to be married a handsome man named Sir Thomas Farthing, who owned a most magnificent estate up in Hayfield. Her two other sisters, Mary and Cecilia who are a few years her senior, are accomplished in music and needlepoint, and enjoyed nothing more than a relaxing day in the home, unlike Victoria, who is young and adventurous and prefers getting out into the sunshine and taking casual strolls along the greenery. Her brother, William, who is the youngest of the Miller children, is an extremely quick learner and has already managed to become one of the finest shooters in the whole of the Yorkshire area.

Her parents, Mr and Mrs Miller, are relatively wealthy and own a charming little cottage with four bedrooms - one for Mr and Mrs Miller, one for William, and one for the three girls and a spare one which they use as a guest room; a drawing room where the girls spend most of their time, a dining hall and a magnificent garden. They have three servants, Bertha, Tina and Hannah, and are extremely kind towards them, especially Bertha, who has been with the Miller's ever since Elizabeth, the oldest of the Miller children, was born. Her father is a well-known lawyer, and has established a good reputation amongst the whole of the South of England. Victoria is extremely content within her family and loves them with all her heart, but she is particularly fond of her father, for he understands her better than anyone else.

Victoria is pale,