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"Chaos In Our Contemporary Society" "“By: Teresa Durkin The story "Fight Club" makes one speculate the meaning of life in general. Why do we, as a society, do the things that we do? Why do we act the way we do, set goals, go to school, work, and fall in love, why, for what? Take for example a simple situation. A young man is brought up a strict catholic, goes through all the steps, all through high school it's embedded in his brain that to ever "make it in life" he must attend college, live wildly there, then find a decent girl to settle down with, have kids, and live happily ever after. But how many times does that really happen? First, let's look at the view of what this man is working so hard for. Is he working so that he and his wife can live comfortably when they retire, but then what? When they die, they leave everything to the daughter and son-in-law that they so greatly despise.

What was all that struggling, getting up for work every morning for thirty years, all that frugalness about? Was it all to leave to some selfish, cold-hearted strangers that couldn't even come with your son/daughter to the hospital when you were there laying on your death bed. My point here is; why do we strive so hard as a society to be successful? What drives us to try and be better than the next person? In the book and film "Fight Club", the character later known as Tyler Durden becomes so enthralled with his life and building it the way perhaps his father and society think it should be. Tyler seems, and perhaps is, a lost soul, as so many of us are, and looks to...