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Good morning/afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Firstly I would like to thank you all for providing me with this opportunity to come in today and present to you my sequel to the movie 'Fight Club' produced in 1999. I have selected your studio today as I believe that you have the qualifications to recognise a good movie when you see one. Now I will talk to you about 'Fight Club 1' then my sequel, 'Fight Club 2'.

'Fight Club 1' is a dramatic packed film, where chronic insomnia is challenged by charisma through what is portrayed as the simple joy of physical violence. It is a film about two young men who run and controlled a fighting organization, called 'Fight Club'. The two main actors in this film are Brad Pitt starring as Tyler Durden and Edward Norton stars as Jack.

The movie begins with the character Jack, who is suffering from chronic insomniac, which means he can't sleep.

He is desperate to escape his boring and worthless life. After months without sleep, Jack starts going to 'support group' meetings, usually for the very ill, hoping that by seeing other people's pain, his pain might go away. This worked for many weeks, but then a girl started coming, who also wasn't very ill and this made him feel very uncomfortable about what he was doing. He was soon back in his old patterns.

While travelling for his job, Jack meets Tyler Durden, a soap salesman with strange beliefs. They talk for hours on the plane and Jack becomes extremely interested in Tyler's philosophy on life. Tyler believes self improvement is for the weak, but self destruction is more worth while and makes life more exciting.

After arriving home and finding his apartment has...