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In accordance with technical manuals, training and time the hover craft has been maintained by various job specialties. Within these specialties is the work force of the Navy. They do their job to the fullest of their capabilities with little to no error accepted from their superiors in charge. This reasoning is due to the mission critical availability of the craft to the fleet.

Functions of Management for Assault Craft Unit Five

Currently at Assault Craft Unit FIVE where we maintain hover craft each craft is spilt into detachments. These detachments are responsible for the fighting capability of these craft. We are split into shops determined by the job specialty each member of the military. Each shop has the capability of repairing certain parts on the craft. There are hull technicians whom repair through ship fitting, piping, sheet metal work and welding, and damaged or corroded parts of the hull of the craft.

There is an engine shop, a propeller shop, air conditioning shop, a bag shop, quality assurance, nondestructive inspector shop, a machine shop, and then there is the electronic/ interior communications shop.

These shops make up the maintenance department. It is run by one officer and several higher enlisted personnel. They delegate the work for each maintenance availability. Maintenance availability is when a detachment of craft goes into hanger for semi annual repairs. These are done twice a year for each individual craft. They require a Corrosion control inspection first. This inspection breaks up the hits found into three categories. Priority one, two and three. The priority ones are done first for they are the dilapidating to the craft; all others are done if time is available.

After this inspection is done the craft crews are responsible for requesting the jobs from the department to ensure...