The Functions of Public Relations

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The functions of public relations are distinctive and "which helps establish and maintain lines of communication, understanding, acceptance, and cooperation between an organization and their publics" (Setiel, 2004, pg. 4). This paper will highlight organizational and societal functions of public relations and identify an issue within the organization picked; Comcast. Furthermore, this paper will address the audiences, affecting both employee and community, which impact organizational and societal functions of Comcast.

Functions of PRThe primary goal of public relations is to harmonize internal and external relationships. This is so an organization can enjoy not only the goodwill of all of their publics but also stability and long life (Seitel, 2004, pg. 5). The organizational functions are those activities that relate to or involve organizations as opposed to the societal functions, which involve activities that relate to or involve a society. Communications management and employee relations are some examples of organizational functions.

Whereas marketing communications and community relations reflect societal functions of public relations. Managing communication is essential in the process of communicating to internal and external publics.

OrganizationWith over 24 million subscribers, Comcast is one of the largest cable companies in the United States (Comcast, n.d.). Comcast has become a leader in the telecommunications industry. Subscribers receive hundreds of digital channels, high-speed Internet access, VOIP, and more from Comcast. Comcast's Public Relations Department is responsible for directing community investment strategies and employee volunteer opportunities as well as managing positive relationships with local, state, and federal elected officials through a variety of special events and correspondence.

Organization IssueAccording to an article located on Comcast Watch's website, Comcast is considered the "worst bully" in the telecommunications industry (2006). The author of this article targets several key issues commonly criticized by the organization's publics. External publics and the author of this article are...