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This present generation, otherwise known as Generation Y, has faced many problems involving school shootings, violence, access to weapons, drugs, sexual promiscuity, and racism. And when these problems occur, who is to blame? Would it be the present generation, the previous generation, or the young people who currently confront these issues today? There are plenty of conventionalized ideas about Generation Y and because of this, problems that occur in today's society are being blame on them. Some stereotypes labeled on Generation Y are good and some are bad, but one of the most popular would be that they are a generation of apathy and that they are too spoiled in material comfort to care about the world, but interviews show that Generation Y are cognizant of societal issues and problems of the community (U.S. News and World Report, May 1999).

Along with any generation come problems that affect society in some way and Generation Y fits into this assertion.

School shootings would be one of several main problems that Generation Y has been faced with. Another problem that Generation Y faces today would be violence in schools or in the community. There are several cases in which violence has occurred in school and where children have been killed due to gang violence. And finally weapons that can be easily found or purchased by children are another problem that confronts Generation Y. There are young people that find weapons around the house and the result usually ends with a tragedy due to the misfiring of the gun.

Generation Y has grown up in an age where watching television is a favorite past time. Everything is media saturated and whatever is watched can have an affect on they way one lives. But the problem is that the media...