Gift of a thousand worlds Part 11

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A few days later God came to Lance again. Lance who was genuinely pissed off at God ignored his orders.

"Well, Well what do we have here" God said.

"How's Catherine?" asked Lance continuing to screw in a nail into a broken chair.

"Fine. She's really enjoying heaven," God said. Then with a sly smirk "so are your parents."

Lance glared at God but said nothing so God continued "pack your bags it's going to be a long trip"

"What!" Lance shouted, he didn't like the idea that God was going to pull him out of his life and send him on another pig chasing adventure "hell no, am I going on a hopeless "adventure" like the first one you mane me go on."

"Lance this one is of up most importance" God said irritated.

"Yea, well tell it to someone who cares" replied Lance angrily.

"Listen to me Lance" God said angrily as Lance.

"No, I'd rather listen to a bug walk" Lance said back.

"Lance, I'm not in the mood," God said.

"Funny, I was never in the mood" Lance replied acidly.

"That's it Lance you can or wont do this but I'm going to tell you anyways" God took a deep breath and said "even I myself, the all mighty God, has limits. The limits are that I cannot see the dark side of people's minds. And that's what worried me."

Lance looked at God and burst out laughing. Between his fits of laughter, he managed "you, God, has limits. Ha, you created the world, you created life, and you control everything from the outcome of a videogame, to floods. You couldn't have a limit."

"Listen to me. Its true I might not have limits but there is a part of the world that I cant control...