God And Business

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"God & Business" After reading "God and Business" I realized a couple of things about myself that I had not previously known. First, I realized my programming has been centered on separating work and spirituality because I was taught they did not belong in the same sentence together. I grew up in a family and lifestyle that said when you went to your job you were there to work and nothing else. But after reading this article I learned that times are changing and so should I if I am to become a more self-aware and spiritual person with everything I do. I learned that the more I heard the term "spirituality" and not "religion", the more acceptable and open I was to the concept of incorporating new spiritual ideas into the workplace. When I try to look at my programming and how it has shaped the way I view the world, I become aware of where I am in life and also where I want to go.

I have incorporated spirit and soul into my life when doing a couple of things, but hardly ever on the job. I have noticed that when I do include spirit and passion in the things I do, I have more energy and greater success at them. For example, I have learned to play the game of soccer with all my heart and more emotion than ever before. In doing this I am enjoying the game much more than previous years and am succeeding more than I could have imagined. I think the more you learn to love what you are doing the more spirit you can put into it. One place where I was miserable until I put some passion it was where I worked this summer. I waited tables...