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Good morning class

Read The Godfather

By Mario Puzo

Wrote 1969

The Godfather is a story about

a Mafia family set in America

in the 1940's. The story centres

on Michael Corleone, son of

Mafia boss Don Vito Corleone.

In the beginning Michael is a

respected soldier who wants

nothing to do with his father's

way of life.

His father feels the same way

and is glad Michael feels that way

too. However, after a series of

events including his father being

shot, Michael slowly joins and

soon takes control of his father's


Michael Corleone is the main

character of The Godfather. He is

a respected, retired soldier who

recently returned from fighting for

the United States in World War II.

While he loves his father dearly,

he hates his way of life. The rest

of his family are involved in the

Mafia but Michael is determined

not to follow.

However, after he

does get caught up his personality

changes and he becomes more

ruthless than his father. At times

I felt sympathetic towards Michael

as you can see he does not want to

become what he ends up being.

The main conflict of The Godfather

Is Michael's dramatic change of life

when he decides to start doing work

for his father. His father is upset

when he first hears about this because

he didn't want Michael becoming like


The end is probably the most crucial

part of the book. This is when Michael

makes his complete transformation

from normal person to Mafia boss, and

ruthless killer. After ordering the death

of all his enemies and murdering his

sister's husband, Michael is questioned

by his wife about the killings. Earlier

Michael had promised his wife he

wouldn't lie to her but now the new

cold Michael...