"Golden Compass" by Philip Pullman.

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The Golden Compass

By Philip Pullman

Lyra a young girl living amongst the scholars in the halls of Jordan College overhears men whispering about magical dust. It was rumored these microscopic particles could unite entire universes. Before Lyra's adventure began she experienced a somewhat normal life. Often playing with Gypsy children and those of the servants at Jordan College through the busy streets of Oxford.

This book is very complicated to say the least. Practically every living thing has a daemon and without it, it is like you have no heart. Your daemon is your friend, protector, and your conscious. Intertwined into this story is the innocence of this young heroine and her struggle with uncovering the truth. Among the answers she is seeking are the secrets of her family.

Upon one of these outings she learns of the gobblers who kidnap children who are never are seen again. The gobblers hit close to the heart when Lyra's best friend Roger disappears, from then on she is set on rescuing him.

The organization experimenting with "dust" is learned to be the General Oblation Board- the initials G.O.B. for gobblers. This revelations sends Lyra with some unusual aid at they go to the "vast Artic Expanse of the North" to rescue the children and destroy the operation. My favorite supporting character is Iorek, an armored bear higher for protection. His purpose in life is to fight but he makes friends nonetheless and shows his wisdom is little words.

Now, Lyra is not an ordinary girl while visiting the witch consul (in order to be prepared for their journey) we learn of Lyra's destiny. "The witches have talked about this child for centuries past... immortal beings have spoken of a child such as this, who has a great destiny that can only...