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The Video Gamer There once was a kid named Drake who all his life he grew up with games. Hand held games, arcade games, PlayStation, nintendo, everything. Ever since he was 2 he has been playing games. His mom and dad have never really really liked him, as he made them spend so much money on video games. Vido games were Drakes life and he intended them to be his life forever. One day his parents told him that unless he kept a C average in school this year they would take away his games.Which is pretty impossible since his GPA is usually D-.

"Why can't you guys just put up with the fact that this is my life?!" Drake screamed at his parents."Because you're making us spend hundreds of dollars on games every week and are driving us up the wall!How can you possibly play all those games when you buy at least three a week?"his parents yelled at him.

"Well I organize my day... when I come home from school I play 30 minutes of this game, then 30 minutes of this game, and then I keep playing all different games every half hour till 9:00 p.m. where I then shower for 10 minutes then I play one more video-games. Then at 9:45 p.m. I do my homework for 15 minutes then I sleep" Drake said catching a breath.

"Wow great schedule..."his mom said sarcastically.

"You have to keep a C average in school and thats,that."his dad said as him and Drakes mom went into the kitchen to make dinner.

After a long thought Drake decided he might as well work harder in school so at least he could succeed in life and keep his games.So for the next 5 weeks Drake worked harder than ever getting his grades up.He studied for tests a week before the test.He did his homework right when he got home and didn't play games or watch TV until he was done.And always turned in his reports on time.And in no time all his grades were up at a C+ average.

"School can be fun." Drake said happily now they could keep his games.

So Drakes parents let him keep his games just as long as he kept his grades up. Drake kept working hard in school and grew up to be a software engineer.He is currently working with Konami developing a game with a lot of hype surrounding it.It is heading for its much anticipated release date, November 13, 2001.