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"A Nation United," what does that mean? It could mean several different things depending on whom was asked. If someone were to ask me what that statement means, I would have to probably think for a minute or Two. Then I would reply, "The top four things to me are probably going to be a blood drive, support, responsibility and sad to say but most importantly money." I choose those four items because those would be the saving forces behind a "Nation in Crisis." One of the most important things is the organization of a blood drive. First of all, who can live without blood flowing through their veins. The average grown human has about seven pints of blood pumping through their entire body. That is why when a Nation falls into crisis (like our recent situation) that the amount needed is a huge number. A tremendous turnout would be needed to be able to counter act the massive blood loss generated by a tragedy like this one.

Another very critical part is support, both on the worldwide scale and the neighborhood scale. On the worldwide scale we need to know what countries and allies will lend us a helping hand and to the extent that would help us. We will also need to know who is going to side with our enemy or enemies in war. On the neighborhood scale we need for our friends there to help comfort us whether it is at their house watching the saga unfold on a television screen right in front of raw and unedited, or it is on the frontline of a disorienting combat mission. Family should always be in the next room or at least a phone call away. This support is mostly in a one on one situation, because no one can offer more comforting arms or crack a joke at the tensest moment to ease the tear jerking pain like a family can.