Gun Control

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What do I think of gun control? That is a topic that will be debated until the end of time. I can understand that the government wants to keep society safe, but I think we, as the people in today's society are responsible for this situation. While I was thinking about this topic that I had to write on, I reflected on the history of the United States of America. The country that used a term referred to as "Manifest Destiny" to nullify the wrongs and crimes that were committed to form what is now referred to as the greatest country in the world. In the history courses that I have studied throughout my collegiate years, I was reminded of the same scenario over and over about war, murder, trespassing, rape, first degree murder, and the worse of all, slavery of a people. What am I getting at? How can a country that was built on crime try to rule and make regulations on society? It has always been an opinion of mine that this government is corrupt.

So when they try to tell us that we can not have arms, it really does not faze me. I for one do not think that there should be any form of gun control, but converse to that statement, we do need some form of gun control because it is very obvious that too many of us are dying. I am not just talking about blacks; I am talking about all of God's people. The first argument that I will discuss in the paper is the "Every Man's House is His Castle" rule that is enforced in some states of the country.

This law means that at certain times of the night a person has the right to defend his or...