Teenage Gun Users

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IN today's world of electronic banking, portable computers and mobile phones it seems almost barbaric that parents would let their own children use guns just for the fun of it. But should it be up to the government or the parents to decide what the youth of today is allowed to do in their free time? Teenage shooters put up with a lot of flak from anti-gun protesters. One such protester was quoted as saying that if it weren't for guns we wouldn't be in this mess now, and I have to admit she had a point. Guns cause far-reaching problems from the school shootings in America to kids shooting greenhouse windows in your own back garden, but it seems that the people who believe that all guns are bad are mistaken, Guns aren't bad; it's the people who use them who are the problem. Now it's not all people, most are upstanding citizens who's guns are used as a hobby, it's just a select few you give the sport a bad name.

For example, Thomas Hamilton, the gunman in the dunblane shooting, he walked into Dunblane Primary School in March 1996 and in the space of 3 minutes changed the face of gun culture forever. In the aftermath of that terrible incident the government bowed to public pressure and banned all privately owned handguns except .22 single-shot sporting pistols. To me this seems utterly pointless. No ban would stop a psychopath from acquiring a weapon. Equally, a ban would deprive 100's of thousands of the pleasure of shooting.

Safety is always a big issue with anything concerning children; guns are obviously no exemption. Firearms are very safe when handled properly, but if an inexperienced child uses guns it's a recipe for disaster. This is why you should teach your...