Harry Piglet And The Chamber Of Bums

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Harry Piglet And The Chamber Of Bums

I'm sure you know who Harry Piglet is, BUT I'll tell you again anyway. Harry Piglet is a boy who goes to the wizard school called Hogs-Eat-Warts. He has been going there for 2 years so he is quite experienced.

One glorious morning Harry Piglet was going to his class room when he saw a dead boy on the floor. In his hand was a note it said "Gas Masks need Gas masks dying need". Harry Piglet was so shocked that he almost fainted, until he heard someone laugh. It was Mouth-Boy!! all along it was Mouth-boy who pulled a prank joke. "Why you little ......." shouted Harry. "Oh, I wasn't the one who almost fainted ha ha ha" said Mouth-Boy.

The next day Harry told Bon and Shediedie everything that happened the other day. "but then what was the dead boy, was it a fake doll?" wondered Bon. "I don't know, I'll have to ask Mouth-boy?" answered Harry.

Chapter 2

The mystery Boy

The very next day Harry came up to Mouth-Boy and asked how he made the fake boy so realistic. But mouth-boy said what do you mean fake boy. "The one 2 days ago when you pulled the prank on me", said Harry. "nonsense, me pull a prank on you the last time I ever pulled a prank on you was when I farted in your face" said Mouth-boy.

Then Harry said then why where you laughing at me?." because you simply tried to pull a prank on me but instead you fooled yourself" said Mouth-boy.

After that Harry went back to his room and told Bon and Shediedie that Mouth-Boy didn't pull the prank. "Just great, you mean I made this prank to get him back for...