The Hatchet

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The Hatchet is a story of a boy whose parents got divorced because of a "˜Secret' that the boy knew. The boys name is Brian Robeson. Brian found out the "˜Secret' when he was riding around at the mall with his friend Terry when Brian saw his mom with another man over Terry's head. As Brian went to go see his dad in a plane the pilot suffered a heart attack and died so, Brian didn't know where he was going to he decided to try to make a landing on a lake. As Brian was landing though he crashed into some trees and the plane sank in a lake. Brian managed to get out safely except that his clothes were partially torn. Brian survives on that island but making weapons with his hatchet, and hunting fish, fool birds, eating berries and turtle eggs. When Brian makes a mistake he learns from it and tries again.

When Brian finally finished making his home, a pit for fish, and weapons a tornado strikes and destroys everything he made. When the tornado clears up he sees the end of the plan sticking out of the lake. So he makes a raft and sails to the plane and gets the survival pack out of it. When he gets back to land with the pack he opens it and finds out it has an Emergency Transmitter. He turns on the transmitter to find out its not working. The next day a plane comes to rescue him because they heard the transmitter and went towards it. Brian was saved and he still told no one "˜The Secret'.