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One man is stealing expensive jewelry in the middle of the day and leaving the police stumped. The television show Hawaii Five-O was filmed and written very well. The director of the film is Lenered Freedman. The television show started to air in 1970. It was a long running program. Hawaii Five-O is a cops and robber type of show. The audience that it targets is young adults up to adults. Threw out the seasons, there is very little major violence.

The plot was very simple. Steve McGarrett, Hawaii Five-O's lead investigator, is clueless of who is stealing priceless jewelry from their little city. He is running in circles looking for Lewis Avery Filer, Home Cronyn. Lewis is the guest of the show and is playing the robber. While he locks everyone up he robs the stores and carefully leaves clues behind. The clues that are left behind (on purpose) help investigators track down Lewis.

He is making a game out of the situation. Leaving everyone in suspense, Lewis always seems to keep out of sight whenever the police arrive. At times he is forced to change his identity so he would not be recognized. During his second robbery he changed into a police uniform and walked right out of the building with no problems at all. Then once the police find out who he is they have a very hard time holding evidence against him. They sit around and hope he makes another move to give them more clues to where he hid the jewelry. Most of the film will keep you sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to find out what happens next.

The characters in Hawaii Five-O worked together and played their roles very well. Steve McGarret, the lead investigator, always seems to be one step behind Lewis. He puts the pieces of the puzzle together a little faster then Lewis expected. Lewis on the other hand is a master of DISCISE. He even pretended to be a startled salesman and talked to the police before making his exit. Most criminals usually stand out, but Lewis blends right into the crowd and never stands out. Zulu Fong, the lab Tec, played a key role in putting together all the clues left behind. He was constantly working hard in his office trying to solve the case. Chin Ho Kelly, the radio dj, was a key character towards the end. He was left in charge of staking out Lewis and following him around town to try to find out where the jewels were hidden.

The setting of the film was very realistic. The show was filmed in Hawaii. It was very hard to determine the difference in the real setting and fake sets. Palm trees and ocean views made it very realistic. The buildings and the weather made it look like the whole film took place in Hawaii.

This film was made for a wide variety of viewers. Not only does this film fascinate young adults, but it also grabs the attention of the adult movie watcher. It had it serious and suspenseful parts and also threw in a little comedy. It kept the viewers in suspense when the police confronted Lewis when he was in a discise. Not only was it an attraction to the teens and adults, but it also keep the attention of the audience threw out the whole show.

This was a very well written show with excellent acting. Everyone should sit down and watch sixty minutes of this show and you will have the same positive reaction to this film. If the exciting robbery's and shocking escapes are not enough for you then I am sure the suspenseful ending will satisfy you. Not only does this film give you satisfaction, but it will make you clear you plans for the next day it is on because there will be no way you will want to miss it. Take my word for it when I say "this is a need to see show". On a scale 1-10 I would have to rate this film an 8!