He and She - based on a true story

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It was a winter's morning

With no warmth to be found,

And as the day was dawning

She saw him lying on the ground.

She was picking apples in a field

From an apple tree,

It was for her breakfast meal

And for morning tea.


It was love at first sight,

Forever meant to be;

The love first took flight

When she spied he.

His rugged looks, his handsome face,

They caused her heart to melt.

She picked him off the grass with grace,

True love was what she felt.

She desperately tried to speak with him

But he did not reply,

She returned home, she took him in,

But he was more than shy.


She gave him a mouth so he could speak,

She gave him a heart to love her.

He recovered within a week,

Now they were truly lovers!

"My dearest sweet, I love you so!"

Declared he to she.

"O handsome one, our love will grow!"

Replied she to he.


The perfect night, they thought they should,

It would be their first kiss.

She touched his lips... made of WOOD?!

"How could you not tell me this?!

What the hell is wrong with?

I hate you, you're such a prick!"

He replied, "It's obvious, I thought you knew!

Alas, my dear, I am just a stick!"