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Caitlyn and her family have just moved to Veronaville. She has only made one friend in the whole town and school. Her friend name is Jenny. She has dark hair, blue eyes, and very tan skin. This is the complete opposite from Caitlyn, because she has red hair, green eyes, and very pale skin. Caitlyn's birthday is coming up and the only people she is inviting to her "birthday party" are her parents, her little brother Joey, Jenny, and her grandparents.

"I can't believe my parents are making me have a birthday party. I don't even want a birthday party, I mean; I have no friends, except for Jenny. Can't she just come over and I don't have to go through the embarrassment of a pity birthday party with my family?"

Finally, her birthday party arrived. Everyone is sitting around the kitchen table singing to Caitlyn.

"Ok, Caitlyn time to open presents!"

"Okay, just bring them over; I just want to get this over with."

First, Caitlyn opens Jenny's present. It is a beautiful bracelet with Caitlyn printed on it. She loves it.

"Thank you so much, Jenny! I love it!"

"Oh, you're welcome! I'm glad you like it!"

For the first time since she moved to Veronaville, she had been happy. Truly happy. Next, she opened Joey's present. It was journal with flowers printed on it.

"Thanks, Joey! I love it!"

"No problem, sis. I'm glad you like it!"

Everyone, including Caitlyn was all smiles. She decided she should open her parents present next. It was a passport.

"What? You got me a passport? Where am I going?"

"The whole family is going to Rome for February break!"

"No way! Oh my god! Thank you so much!"

Caitlyn threw her arms around her parents.