The History Of Techno

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THE HISTORY OF TECHNO: The Beginnings Techno starts earlier than we think. The industrialisation and electronisation have influenced its beginnings. The rattling of the train, the noise in the factories and the beeping of electronic equipment. Sounds which are known to us and which we meet again and again in today's techno music.

Industrial A good example for these things is industrial. Industrial is a techno style, which sounds very metallic. It reminds us of drumming on metal sheets. The important beginning of techno has been made by the group Kraftwerk in 1970. They were one of the first who used electronics and made drum machines by themselves. The early techno composers were heavily influenced and inspired by them (Kraftwerk).

Detroit An example is the town Detroit in the USA. There, young people began to mix the first synthesiser, drum machines and different music elements. Today, Detroit is a defined music style.

Detroit is underground mood, monotonic and fast percussions. This is because Detroit was born in the underground. It started in empty houses and dark clubs. This is why techno was at first also not accepted by the establishment, because the techno scene was the world of jobless and homosexual people.

House House, as a music style was born in Chicago. It's strongly influenced by the late 70´s Disco-Funk. House can be recognised very easily, because it's rhythmic, monotonic, melodious, not so fast and often with sexy background vocals.

The next one is typical for Hardtrance. -> Angaben Hardtrance has a simple construction. It often begins with a harmonic melody, followed by the bass which becomes faster and faster to reach the climax, where the bass stops. Many people love that music, because they will be happy and they don't want to stop dancing. But Hardtrance has become really commercial. For this reason, most people think of this style when they talking about techno. Listen to this typical example.

Goa The next track stands for the Goa style. Goa came from the small state Goa in India, which is well known since the hippie times. When everybody went to relax on the beach and smoke joints. But also the small state Goa was not spared by the electronic progress. So they developed their own electronic sound. It sounds like trance with spacy Indian sounds and fast acid basslines. This is why the Goa people still dance whole nights through. I don't know anything about this track, because it's from a tape without any information about it.