Hurricane Island

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Mr. Chin should advise to increase marketing efforts for the professional development programs. BECAUSE:

1. Major problem with this marketing plan is the idea that chasing corporate America is a violation of the mission statement. This is not true. The mission statement, which reads:

The Mission of Hurricane Island Outward bound is providing safe, challenging, educational experiences in a wilderness setting, carefully structured to improve self-esteem, self- reliance, concern for others and care for the environment."

This mission statement reveals NOTHING about limiting these benefits to only the underprivileged. While that population might benefit MORE so than the middle-upper class, it is truly irrelevant. Those at Hurricane ASSUME that it is directed for the underprivileged. With the inception of Hurricane, founder and school president Peter Willauer envisioned " an outdoor classroom"- not an outdoor classroom for the poor. This is critical. In addition, according to Exhibit 4, we see that Special Programs, (i.e.

the group of vets, substance abusers, troubled youth and other groups) seem to those programs which specifically cater to the under privilege but yet, in 1985 these programs only account for at maximum 22.6% of the student population.

Yet, despite this reality, if we are to assume that the schools wants to cater to the underprivileged or those who cannot afford tuition, expanding the PDP is the only way to do so. BECAUSE:

1. Its success rate cannot be ignored. 158 professional attended in 1985- and those 158 are those that received NO financial aid. That accounts for 6% of the public course student population. This is significant because it's the first -year that the program is in place. In addition that's 6% of the public course student population, which is not necessarily 6% of tuition revenues. It is more likely top be more than 6% of...