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When most people read hypertext, they automatically think about computers, because they think that hypertext would not exist if it not where by computers. But that is not the case. According to Prof. Mongar, Hypertext is just text that links to other text or hypermedia (images, videos or sounds). If that is the case then hypertext exist even before computers. A lot of books like encyclopedias, dictionaries, novels and even the Bible use small reference numbers that send you to footnotes, endnotes or even other pages. Is not that what hypertext is all about? Today with all the technologic breakthroughs, hypertext has evolved in what we know today, a non-linear structure that breaks the traditional reading barriers and gives the reader endless options of how to read a text. This brings the possibility of a different reading experience every time.

When reading hypertext, the reader is in command, the choices he make may affect the plot, the conclusion and also the value he could give to the text.

This gives the reader the freedom to imagine and create however he likes the missing parts of the story that could be left because of the choices he will make reading the text. One of the major drawbacks in Hypertext is the fact that the reader can not see where the text will link him to and this could lead the reader to spend an hour looking for the end of a story that if put in a liner type of reading, could be read in 30-45 minutes, and for people that likes to see results fast, this could be very frustrating.

The story "Charmin' Cleary" written by Edward Falco, is about a very a popular girl in high school, who is "harassed" by one of her professors. She was the...