An Imaginative Proverb Story

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Two sisters, Lexus and Mazda, once lived in not-quite-so-ancient Japan. They grew up, played games, and attended school together. After graduating from high school, the sisters moved to Tokyo in pursuit of college education. Even though they shared their lives and the two-room apartment with each other, Mazda studied interior design while Lexus took up spiritual practices.






"Hello, you have reached the Subaru residence. He is not home right now. Please leave your message after the to-"


"Mr. Subaru. My name is Mazda. I am in need of your help. I do not wish to explain the matter in detail here, but it is my sister who is in deeper distress than I. If you accept my request, please come to the following address at ten o'clock sharp, Friday. The address is..."

"...And thank you."

K-klrack. Beeeep.

A thinly built man in his early twenties trod through a gentle cherry blossom flurry.

April in Tokyo always had a faintly romantic atmosphere, but the falling petals only tensed the man as he reached out and pressed the doorbell of the apartment that he arrived at.

A young woman answered the bell and opened the door.

"Hello, I am Mazda. You must be Mr. Subaru. Please come in." Mazda led Mr. Subaru into the main room decorated with colorful vacation photos covering most of the walls and neat flower arrangements in the corners. Mr. Subaru gave a quick glance across the compartment. He felt an ominous karma rippling from the adjacent room, which had its sliding door shut.

Mazda placed a hand on the door and paused. "Mr. Subaru," she started, without looking away from an empty spot on the floor, "I have asked you to come here because of my sister's suffering.