Integrated marketing communication

Essay by PetrF, June 2004

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Integrated marketing communication

Cuttin-edge companies maximize sales performance and customer loyalty by aligning all of the sales, marketing, and customer service programs under a single vision. The key: defining your organization's unique selling proposition and mobilizing all of your key departments to synergistically deliver it.


Integrated marketing is hardly a new idea. Executives have been talking about its advantages for years, but few took the trouble to practice it. Recent changes in the marketplace, however, mean that companies that hope to survive must give integrated marketing more than lip service.

Today's customers have more, better and faster access to information than ever. Bombarded by competing messages, they can rapidly sift through the information overload to find what they need, and they are better equipped than ever to distinguish false marketing claims from substantive ones. Marketing integration provides companies with a competitive edge by focusing all of the sales, marketing, and operations resources on promoting the same message throughout the customer and prospect base and doing everything possible to make sure that sales and marketing promises get consistently delivered.

Marketing integration not only increases the chances that your organization's message will break through the clutter, but also that your customer's expectations will be consistently met. Integrated strategies not only ensure that your message will have more impact, they can do so with greater cost efficiency than can old-fashioned strategies.

In today's world, mass-marketing is giving way to micro-marketing, by which organizations strive to identify and focus on the people most likely to buy. The one-product-fits all concept now fits fewer and fewer. Even niche marketing is giving way to one-to-one marketing: tailoring a product or service to the needs of a single customer.

Under the traditional organization structure, the sales and marketing message gets fragmented across myriad strategies and tactics.