Iron Fist

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Once in an ancient land of peaceful and rural life, it was a boring and calm time for the people. No technology could have predicted the meteor that was about to cause uproar of not only national proportions but a global phenomenon. It tore through the atmosphere like butter and hit the ground like a thousand fists, thus it was given a name. The area was feared as a demon omen and was left abandoned for some time after. The first to attempt to venture near the horribly unlucky spot was a lonely blacksmith and his apprentice. He was a curious about the meteor and, always being a risk taker, he decided to journey to the crash site. He was astonished and amazed at to magnificent metal. The mighty iron that the meteor had brought was more powerful than any other metal that the earth could ever hold.

The blacksmith was overjoyed and yelled, “I could sell the iron and split it with you, my apprentice.”The apprentice returned saying, “We would make thousands from this miraculous find!”“No, no we will make millions or billions,” the blacksmith yelled.

“This is a stroke of luck that we have found this precious metal,” the apprentice rejoiced.

“We shall bring the metal back to the shop and cast them. Help me my apprentice,” the blacksmith said excitedly. They picked up the amazing metal to be brought back to the blacksmith’s shop. The smith fashioned the metal into seven famous weapons which he believed had magic properties. The weapons were given the names, Weapons of the Fist. The apprentice, although, was a greedy man and loved power and would not let anyone take it away from him. He was devising a plan all the wile the smith labored. His lust...