Island Of The Blue Dolphins

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An Indian girl alone with no one but her brother and her skills that help her to stay alive. The story is about a young girl around my age, she was going with her family to another land. Her brother falls off the boat where she courageously jumps into the water and saves her brother. This starts the many adventure to come. She swims with brother to their land where she tries to survive. Later in the story she looses her brother to a pack of wild dogs, she swears to kill them all. With his event she gains a companion, the alpha dog, one of the dogs. She goes through many things but one important event is when she builds her self a shelter from the bones of a sea elephant. She is also joined on the island by evil hunters, she the animals and chases the hunters away.

She overcomes a hurricane that destroys the island, and at the end she sees a boat one to save her.

The Island of the Blue Dolphins is a book for people that like adventures. This book has a good plot, theme, and conflict. I also recommend this book to animal lovers. This book is full of pure adventure you will not want to put the book down. This book shows you the other person point of view, the Indians'. I recommend this book to people who love adventures and are not afraid to go on an emotional roller coaster.