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Ivanhoe Character Analysis: Rebecca There were many characters that I could've chosen to write about from the Ivanhoe movie. All of them were well developed and very interesting. My favorite character from the movie was Rebecca. Three distinct characteristics that Rebecca had were bravery, sympathy and a strong will.

Rebecca had many chances to show that she was brave, and many times her bravery overtook her common sense. One example of this was when she and her father and Ivanhoe and all his men, along with Roweena, were kidnapped and taken back to the castle where they were help captive. When Ivanhoe was about to be beaten, she jumped in front of the weapon to protect him. She could've just sat there and watched him get beaten, and done nothing. But instead, she protected him. Not many women would've done that. I don't think many women now a days would protect a man, if they would be putting themselves in danger.

This showed that she was brave and would do what's right over what is easier and safer.

Another characteristic that she had was her sympathy. When Ivanhoe was wounded after the tournaments, she took him into her father's house and attended to his wounds. Even though she was a Jew, and many people considered it wrong to even talk to Jews, she was kind to Ivanhoe instead of letting her Religion barrier dictate her actions. She was sympathetic to his weaknesses and was kind to him when he needed it most.

The last characteristic that Rebecca had that was notable was her strong will. She didn't let anyone tell her what to do, if she didn't believe they were right. This can be a good and bad characteristic to have. But I believe that it showed up as a good characteristic for Rebecca throughout the movie. When her father was going to cheat Ivanhoe out of some money, she told her father that he was doing the wrong thing, and made him give some money back to Ivanhoe's servant. Most girls would have just been quiet while their father was making a business transaction, but she did the right thing and spoke up. This was a good characteristic for her to have.

There were many exceptional characters in this movie. I really enjoyed the part of the movie that I saw, which was the beginning to halfway point, I think. Rebecca displayed some characteristics that were very helpful in the situations that she was put in. She did the right thing, whether it was costly to her or not. I believe that her bravery, sympathy, and strong will made her a very rounded and well-developed character throughout the entire movie.