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Jane Austen was a major English novelist whose brilliantly witty, elegantly structured, satirical fiction novels showed the elevation of society through the 17th century. She became a literary legend due to her transition from 17th century neo-classicism to 19th century romanticism. Throughout her novels Northanger Abbey and Persuasion, Jane Austen uses variations of satirical wit throughout the use of the 17th century social class levels and statues of men and woman.

Born in Hampshire on December 16, 1775, Jane Austen grew up to become a major English novelist. The seventh of eight children, Jane Austen was educated mainly at home and never lived apart from her family. As a young child, Jane Austen use to write plays and act them out to amuse her siblings and herself. Jane Austen's father Reverend George Austen, who owned a library with a wide selection of books, influenced Jane Austen from a young age to read books and write plays from the information she gathered.

The more Jane Austen read the more she got ideas about different writing techniques. The influence she had from reading her fathers books brought on to the first book she wrote at the age of 14. Her first book as a young child was later named Love an Friendship which included different types of juvenilia. The more Jane Austen read and wrote as a young girl the more she was interested in English literature. As Jane Austen grew older she wrote more novels. In the course of a quite provincial life Jane Austen wrote a total of six fully complete novels which are among

the best known and most highly valued in English literary tradition. Jane Austen's early childhood influence on English literature perfected her ability of writing true literary legends. ( Halperin, 1984, 75-89)

Jane Austen was well...