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PART 1: Analysis of the problem: Testing The following table is how I went about testing my validation.

Testing Test data Program Expected result Test if fields/options are left blank First name, surname, cluster, teacher, subject, tutor, number of sacs, absences, overall sac percentage and teacher comment if (document.[form name].[value].value == "") { Message = message + "[desired error msg]n"; Any errors be placed in one message window Test if radio boxes are left in default Sex, year level, student progress if (!([form name].[valu][0].checked || [form name].[value][1].checked)) { message = message + "[desired error msg] n"; Any errors be placed in one message window Test numerical fields if they have letters inputed using the isNaN "“ Not A Number - program Absenses, number of sacs, overall percentage if (isNaN(document.[form name].[value].value)) { message = message + "[desired error msg]n"; Any errors be placed in one message window Test if number of sac marks selected matches the number of sacs for that subject Sac1/2/3/4/5/6 function figo1() { n = window.document.[form

name].[value].value;if (n>=2) Error displayed stating that no. of sacs does not match the amount of marks selected. error msg should come up as soon as the user makes a mistake Test if the calculation of the overall sac is correct Overall sac result Overall mark = ((sac1) + (sac2) + (sac3) + (sac4) + (sac5) + (sac6)) /(no. of sacs)NOTE: this is only a basic explaination of how it will work sac1=78, sac2=95sac3=87, no of sacs=3, then the overall percentage should =86% Test if a grade is generated by selecting a mark Sac1/2/3/4/5/6 p = window.document.[form name].[value].selectedIndex;window.[form name].[grade].value = window.document.[form name].[sac mark][p].value; If 67% was to be selected as the sac 1 result, then the grade should display C+ PART 2: I tested my solution by trying all sorts of inputting/selecting combinations I could think of. Even if my idea was rather silly, I still had to test out and provide validation for those fields (an example was with the overall sac mark, even though your not supposed to input anything into that field, users might of filled out this field with letters). The testing table also helped me with testing and possible validation technique that would need to be used. Mostly I used diagrams like to one below.

Is the field empty? Is it a number? Yes - No error message will be displayed No No - Error message will be displayed Number of SAC's Yes - Error message will be displayed Yes No - Error message will be displayed My solution easily meets the organizations needs. The only thing I failed on was producing a font changer for the teacher comment. This was due to a lack of time but also because it not an essential. My solution will be able to work with Internet explorer 4.01 and covers all the necessary fields and more. I have included as many dropdowns as I possibly could to reduce input error and to save time. The sac marks are converted into grades, which are then averaged out to produce an overall sac mark percentage just like what the school wanted.

Custom built software Vs off the self software Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but personally creating the program yourself is a much better approach when implementing a new system. Creating my own program benefits me more, unlike the purchased software that usually doesn't fulfill the users needs. It's also a better option because you spent the time creating the program; therefore you should be able to work around problems if they arise. Custom built software also allows you to change the setup of the program how and when you want to, it also minimize disturbances from the company that is selling their program. There is one thing that I, and I'm sure many others hate about custom built software, the implementation time. Its frustrating when you spend hours and hours making your own software to find out that it doesn't work because you left out a {. Custom built software is hard to create which means only the more experienced and advance program developers would be a produce a successful program.