Jewelery of Deception

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16 November 2014

Faux Appearances

For many years, appearances have always manipulated others in order to deceive them so they may achieve personal gains. Guy de Maupassant's "The Necklace" is centralized around this idea of faux appearances and the impressions they can give people, masking their true form. However, these appearances take a lot of maintenance and if not done correctly it can go very wrong very fast. What is important is that these appearances may look real but underneath is the true form that is there no matter what. Mathilde Loisel create her own illusion by borrowing a necklace she perceives as top notch from Madame Forestier and eventually her illusion ends up collapsing upon her when she ends up losing the necklace later. Losing the necklace actually ends up ruining her in the end, revealing her true self, showing that the façade employed cost more than it gave.

Guy de Maupassant uses this concept of faux appearances to show that even if appearances do deceive others, they only conceal the true form behind them that will eventually show itself.

People have constantly tried to conceal their true self so they may gain something. Guy de Maupassant uses Mathilde to symbolize those who try to conceal one's faults and shortcomings. Thinking that she deserves more than she has, Mathilde tries to become a part of the upper class when really she is more of the bourgeoisie class. This takes a vast amount of work to accomplish. In order to make a move into the upper class, she purchases a new dress for a gathering that she and her husband have been invited to. She also borrows a necklace from a personal friend, Madame Forestier, to...