"The Joy Luck Club" themes

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The Joy Luck Club

During the novel one of the major themes is the mother and daughters have some miscommunication in their relationships. Some of the quotes said back and forth to each other were really harsh. Most of the mothers didn't understand their daughters and that's why they may have said such words to each other.

During the second chapter "Scar" is where the first part of miscommunication comes between the mother and daughter. This is about Ann and her mother. Ann is growing up at her grandmother's house. All she does is talk bad to Ann about her mother. Telling herb that she is a ghost (forbidden to talk about). One day her mother comes over to the house. Ann knew it was her even though she hasn't seen her since she was first born. During the diner they have an argument over Ann. On the table there was a big pot of boiling soup.

And with one bigger shout the pot tipped over and fell all over Ann's neck. Ann's mother was so nervous that she ran out of the house and didn't come back for two more years. Waverly and Lindo show some miscommunication in "Rules Of The Game". Lindo is so happy that her daughter is good at something. Waverly is a young chess player and is very excellent at it. Her mother always shows of to others that her daughter is great and is better than most children are. Waverly doesn't like this kind of treatment and shows it one day. On Saturdays when she had no tournament she had to go to the market with her mother. Every time someone would look at Lindo she would say that's my daughter Waverly. Then one day she said "I wish you wouldn't...