Killing Bethany Walker

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It is amazing what can happen in six months isn’t it? One day you are completely happy with your life and the next everything is turned upside down. I never thought that anything out of the ordinary would happen to me in my life but in these last few months, I did something I still can’t believe.

Six months and three days ago my best friend Bethany introduced me to Tom- who had just moved here from Sydney. Tom and I started hanging out everyday non stop. I didn’t have the time for Bethany and was always making excuses to my best friend as to why I did not want to go to her house to watch movies or go to the beach. I could see her starting to get sick of it but I didn’t care. After a few weeks of hanging out, Tom and I started dating. I would speak to my best friend once every few days via email or at school in the hallway, but I didn’t care, Tom was the only one I cared about now and nothing would change that.

It was Beth’s birthday that week coming weekend and she invited Tom and me to her party; I didn’t want to go but Tom insisted. It turns out it wasn’t even a party. It was Bethany, Tom and I at the cinema followed by coffee. Throughout the whole movie, all I could hear was Beth and Tom gas-bagging the entire time. Coffee afterwards was not much different; I couldn’t get a word in. She could see I hated it but she continued. I will never forget that smile she gave me as Tom and I left that night, it was a smile showing that she had defeated me. I hated her, wanted her dead. Tom’s new favorite thing to do was hang out with Bethany in a threesome. I refused, however. I knew straight away that they would be together in secret so I didn’t bother starting an investigation. That’s when I started to think of a way to murder Bethany Walker.

I didn’t sleep for three days, thinking of hundreds of ways to banish Bethany from my sight. The plan was to invite Bethany to dinner, poison her and dump her in the ocean. I didn’t have much time to plan this so I got straight to work. I retrieved some rat sack from the garage. It took me weeks to plot out and pick a night for my actions. August 22 was the day, 25 days left.

At this point, Tom and I were over; he had moved on to his new girlfriend. He said it was “no-one I knew” but I knew it was Bethany. I saw them always at the beginning of lunch and recess at the canteen, walking off somewhere in the school yard to be together. He never answered any of my emails or calls and Bethany never text messaged me back. She would be gone soon and Tom would be mine once again.

August 22 and I was already talking myself out of it. I couldn’t. We were friends for nine years, since we were eight. Mum and Dad had gone away on business the whole week so I had the house to myself. Seven o’clock on Monday night I called Bethany to invite her to dinner and she bought it without asking who, what or why. Pumpkin soup…her favorite was cooking on the stove as Beth arrived. She seemed quite nervous; I noticed her sweaty palms as she wiped her hands on her jeans. The soup was ready and so was I; ready to poison my best friend Bethany. I placed the orange liquid in her bowl and as we sat down there was a knock at the door. TOM! Bethany invited him over after he finished work. What was I to do? One bowl of poison but not enough for two…I couldn’t take away her bowl and give her another clean batch.

Before anyone ate, Bethany took a trip to the bathroom. The second she left, I knew one of them would not be going home tonight. But which one? The girl I was about to kill five minutes previously or the one who had created all of this drama? It was a toss up between two. I waited behind the bathroom wall for Bethany to come out to knock her over the head while before I killed Tom. My decision had been made. Tom was going to die. With Bethany out of the way, out cold for at least an hour, it was time to get to work on Tom. What to do? Two minutes of thinking and all I could come up with was drugging him and feeding him alcohol before putting him in his car and setting it on fire.

As I was placing Tom in his car when I heard her voice in the house, yelling. Bethany had woken up. It took me more than ten minutes to calm her down and explain why we had to finish what I had started. I told her I would make it look like she had done it all and I was the victim in this. It took another forty-five minutes to finish the job. No traces of Bethany or myself for anyone to find when the fire brigade put out the fire and at that time it everything will be burned away.

Three months have passed and everything is the same as it was the day before he died- Tom is out of my life and Bethany and I still are non existent friends. NOW I find out, she wasn’t even dating Tom. She didn’t even like him. That they were just FRIENDS! Unbelievable! I’m going to kill her!(no bibliography...short story no need for one)