The Last Mission

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In 2086 a bomb was set off in the U.S. defense quarter destroying 84% of all defenses in the said Nation. Civillians were notified by channel 6 that it was a Russian attack. At this point the U.S. was in a state of emergency. Two weeks later several bombs were set off in civilian occupied towns all over Russia leaving 100% of Russian defenses in tact. The main civilian population in Russia thought this was fault of the Americans knowing most American civilians thought that the American bombing was fault of the Russians. In fact all of the bombings were fault of the Kamisians, the people occupying a secret nation of the coast of Fiji. Kamis's plot was to launch several small missiles towards important area's in the now code red alerted Russia. After the missiles are destroyed from currently activated anti-missile defenses, Russia, thinking that they were U.S.

missiles, will launch an attack in the defensibly crippled U.S. starting a third world war. In this war defenses will be purchased from Kamis making huge profits to all Kamisians. The CIA was informed of this plot to start World War III and created a draft into Kamis of person's twelve and older with military training. This is the story of that mission.

Chapter 1

The luminous sun reflected off the gelid ice of the just-poured coke. The olive-colored tennis shoes rested by the bulgy chair as the dynasty warriors grasped the carrot-colored wall. The fuzzy rug grabbed his feet as the mellow, colorless chair pulled him back. Prprprprprprprpr; it was happening so fast. Prprprprprprprpr. Mikey's eyelids flew open. Bullets were flying through the shattered window. The air swirled by as he flipped off his chair and tipped his table. The chilled coke spilled on the colorful shag rug. Buh...