'The Gothid Project'- Part 2

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"(A puppet)"

"What, what does that mean? Is it not enough that you burnt down my home town, killed my mother and now your god-damn bloody daughter is thinking of raising you from the dead? What have I done to deserve this... to deserve you? Why me?"

"(All in good time)"


Red woke the nest day to a cloudy sky and a heavy burden over his head. He changed untidily into his usual black trousers, blue jacket, black belt and cape. He walked over to his antique trunk remembering how his mother used to hide his Christmas presents in it when he was younger. Now, he uses it to store his weapons in. He pulled out a rather large sword with red and blue jewels etched around the handle. He fixed it to his belt and headed out of his flat. He crossed over the road and headed to Tifa's house.

Tifa's the group's soul leader. Whenever one of the group has a problem they turn to her about it, she is also bright, bubbly and full of life.

"Hey, looking good there Red!"

"Yea, you too." Red scanned her up and down. He decided years ago that he liked Sara more, because Tifa has always and will always be his best friend. Tifa is never seen without colorful clothes and has a passion for martial arts, making her the perfect member of Reds group.

"What's up Red, you look really upset... where's Sara and Regie?"

"Look, we have a mission to do, Regie called me last night and said that the Gold Amulet was stolen from the Golden Sage. He alone can control its power, but if it falls into the wrong hands, they could figure out its power... lets just say, it's not good...