Learning and Cognition

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Learning and Cognition Paper

April Dinatale

Richard Codd

Psychology 390

11 August 2014

Learning and Cognition Paper


In today's society the source of learning may come from several outlets, such as the television, the internet, or a magazine. Believe it or not we all learn something every day, whether we know it or not. Although most of us learn from our own experiences and some of us learned from watching other people's experiences as well. Since birth we all have been able to do things naturally and perform certain actions on our own, meaning we exhibit a great deal of behaviors. Though in the paradigm of learning, in the jurisdiction of psychology, is best described as, "Learning is a relatively permanent change in behavior or in behavioral potentiality that results from experience and cannot be attributed to temporary body states such as those induced by illness, fatigue, or drugs" (Olson and Hergenhahn, 2009).

Nevertheless, a whole understanding of the contrivance of learning, as it relates to psychology in today's society is mostly established on the sympathetic of the unambiguous role that behavior plays in learning today.

Learning and Behavior

When a person is learning a new activity they are progressing information by using existing knowledge in which they learn throughout their life. Learning is the ability to progress new information by altering existing, values, behaviors, preferences, skills, knowledge, and includes producing different categories of information (Cherry, 2009). According to Gregory A. Kimble "learning as a relatively permanent change in behavioral potentiality that occurs as a result of reinforced practice" (Olson and Hergenhahn, 2009), which in other words say that learning has always been a factor in the change of the person's behavior. Learning is behavior potentiality that acts as a principal variable in the middle of behavior and experience...