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As individuals, we all learn in different styles. Some by listening to something and absorbing it, and others by viewing something and remember that image. There are even those who can't remember it unless they act it out or do some hands-on project that involves what they are trying to learn. After some short assessments, I have learned that I myself am quite visual. Yet, I am equally auditory.

By being audio I have some interesting strengths, for example, I can listen to a speaker give a lecture and absorb most of what he/she talks about, while a visual learner would be completely lost. Also, I can remember when someone gives me instructions to do an extensive amount of different things and remember them all and carry them out.

While being visual also, I can do even better when that speaker is writing it all down or, has passed out an outline on the topic that he/she is will be talking about.

I am rather good at remembering faces and names since I am both auditory and visual. While being both audio and visual I have many strengths.

With so many strengths it seems that there is no room for weaknesses, think again. While being so strong in seeing things that makes for someone who gets distracted by things moving around the same room as them. And with the listening skill, rustling of papers and people sneezing makes for some pretty good distractions. Also, by being so audio I am rather quick to tell people off in certain situations, and I'm very impatient. Weaknesses can be found in everyone because nobody is perfect in every aspect of learning.

Since I have recognized exactly what my strengths and weaknesses are I can adjust my environment to display exactly what I need...