Let It Pour: My First Assignment As Executive Assistant

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As my first assignment as executive assistant, I am charged with solving specific problems, delivering the solutions and describing my rationale for my proposed solutions to my boss, the CEO of the Faith Community Hospital. In the following paper I will take steps to identify the problems and to solve each of the problems described using critical thinking skills I have learned at the University of Phoenix. I will be using a decision making worksheet along with a brainstorming technique to help me solve these problems. The two problems that I have identified are as follows: The first problem I have identified to solve is the moral and ethical differences our doctors have towards administering care to patients. The second problem that I have identified is our financial crisis. I need to brainstorm what we can do to avoid the potential loss of revenue for our non-profit organization.

Case Study Analysis

To begin, I need to study the problems thoroughly and efficiently.

Then I will need to isolate each of the problems that were discussed in the meeting. Once I have figured out what the problems are, I will need to analyze each problem and evaluate alternatives for each problem. After that is done I will make recommendations with corrective actions prepared for the CEO.

In this case study I have identified two separate problems and I will be evaluating them each separately.

Problem #1

First we have to identify the problem. We are seeing decisions that are being made for the patients based on the particular doctors' morals, and ethical beliefs. As the CEO stated "On one hand, we have particular patients who refuse to take certain medical services, and on the other hand, particular staff members who refuse to provide certain services." The doctors are not following...