Lord of the flies

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You can't really say that man is inherently evil because when a human is born all it can do is cry and excrete so it is inferior to most beings when it is born. But the human can learn it learns from their parents the environment around them. So I think man also learns to be evil or good.

It means you learn what other people do and you copy them so if you see your mother or father stealing from the store you would do the same. Evil is not inborn just like good is not inborn. Your mother and father teaches you what is good or bad. I think that man is not inherently evil or good .

in the lord of the flies ZGolding tries to prove that man is inherently evil. He shows what a score of british intelligent boys do when they are left on an island all alone.

At first they try to have rules and regulations but it all falls apart in the end. War starts to break out. It was chaos on the island and noone can stop it sure Ralph did but he couldn't in the end.

Jack starts his own tribe and from then two kids die and they were about to kill Ralph by burning the whole island. The ironic thing was that in the end after they had that little war the were shippid of in the navy cruiser into another war.